UT Fixed Pack

The UT Fixed Pack includes a full UT99 GOTY install with all 4 Bonus Packs included, updated with the UT v469d Patch.

Its meant to play on "TO3.4 on UT" mod servers or UT99 servers. It can be used as base for a "TO Mod" install but those versions are included in the TO History Pack.

To play TO3.4 or TO3.5 online it's recommended to use the TO:AoT Fixed Pack that includes two Server Browser/Join tools.

• Clean fileset and configs
• TO-on-UT Mod settings/keybinds matched to TO Fixed Pack
• All 4 Bonus Packs included
• Updated to UT v469d Patch

Download Links

This download extracts to a 0.7 GB folder.

Zip Version

7z Version

Installation and Starting

#1 - Extract the UnrealTournament folder of the download into a directory such as "C:/" or "C:/Games/" and avoid the "Program Files" folders.

#2 - Manually start UT directly from "/System/UnrealTournament.exe".

If you're having trouble starting this download or any other version ask for support in the TO Discords.

Miau Monster Cache

This download includes nearly all packages required to join the TOonUT Miau Monster Server.

It prevents you from having to download 700+ MB on first connection to the server.

Extract it in the same directory as you extracted the UT Fixed Pack, its only recommended to install this if you have not connected to any UT servers yet.