TO:Crossfire Pack

The TO:C Pack is a standalone version of the TO:Crossfire UT2004 Mod.

The server browser is functional but the list is empty, no servers have been online since 2021.

All there is to play is "Instant Action" on the official maps that all have full bot support.

Contents of TO:C Pack
• TO:Crossfire v1.9.7
• Fixed server browser
• Fixed update notication and news tab
• Pre-configured settings and keybinds
• DX8-to-DX9 Wrapper (d3d8.dll)
• Windows registry file to fix startup crash

Download Links

Download 7z (7-Zip)

Last Updated: 8 January 2023
Installation and Starting

#1 - Extract the contents of the download into a directory such as "C:/" or "C:/Games/" and avoid the "Program Files" folders.

#2 - The only way to start TO:C is by using the new "Start TOCrossfire.bat".

#3 - If TO:C fails to start run the StartupCrashFix.reg, you can check the contents with Notepad.

Settings to Tweak

Custom Resolution - Use console command SetRes, example: setres 1920x1080

Reduce Mouse Lag - This setting is best to leave disabled on modern systems since it only improves mouse lag on low fps.

Remove DX9 Wrapper - Remove the d3d8.dll from the System folder.

TO:C Server

When hosting a TO:Crossfire server its recommended to use the following server files.

UT2004 Server v3369.7z (713 MB)
UT2004 v3369 Private Server (2 MB)
TO Crossfire Server (1.23 GB)
TO Crossfire v1.97 (475 KB)

Also make sure to use the Openspy Masterserver in the server configuration.