TO:Crossfire Pack

The TO:C Pack is a standalone version of the TO:Crossfire UT2004 Mod.

It's made from a stripped down base game folder thats only used for the engine and required assets.

TO:C is fully functional and the unclosable "Update Notification" and broken "News Tab" are fixed by the unofficial v1.97 update.

Make sure to read the Installation and Starting section on this page or the game will crash on startup.

Note: TO:Crossfire multiplayer is basically dead, all players are on TO 3.4 and 3.5 that are included in the TO:AoT Fixed Pack.

• TO:Crossfire v1.9.7
• Fixed server browser
• Fixed update notication and news tab
• Pre-configured settings and keybinds
• DX8-to-DX9 Wrapper (d3d8.dll)
• Windows registry file to fix startup crash


This download extracts to a 6.8 GB folder.

Zip Version

7z Version

Installation and Starting

#1 - Only for Windows 11 it is required to install the "Media Feature Pack" in Windows Settings -> Apps -> Optional features.

#2 - Extract the contents of the download into a directory such as "C:/" or "C:/Games/" and avoid the "Program Files" folders.

#3 - Install the DX9, Visual C++ and OpenAL Audio redistributables from the "Redist Installers" folder included in the download.

#4 - Start TO:C by using "Start TOCrossfire.bat", starting from TOC.exe (UT2004.exe) has been "disabled".

#5 - If TO:C crashes on startup run StartupCrashFix-SetCDKey.reg, you can check its contents with Notepad.

If you're having trouble starting this download or any other version ask for support in the TO Discords.

Settings to Tweak

Custom Resolution - Use console command SetRes, example: setres 1920x1080

Reduce Mouse Lag - This setting is best to leave disabled on modern systems since it only improves mouse lag on very low (-30) fps.

Remove DX9 Wrapper - Gives 1.5-2x the fps/performance, bug fixes and better compatibility. To remove delete the d3d8.dll from the /System/ folder.