TO History Pack

The history pack includes 7 main versions of the old TO mod releases: SWAT, TO1.2, TO1.6, TO2, TO2.2, TO3.1.5 and TO3.3.2.

This pack is made to play/explore the old mod versions, to play online it's recommended to use the TO:AoT Fixed Pack that includes two Server Browser/Join tools.

All versions up to TO2.2 support playing UT99 maps on TOUT gametypes with TO Weapons and include all UT GOTY maps. (Assault/CTF/DM/DOM etc.)

• 7x full standalone mod installs
• Based on UT99 v469d Patch
• Clean fileset and configs
• All 4 UT Bonus Packs added
• Pre-configured settings and keybinds


This download extracts to a 5.6 GB folder.
No zip version for this pack as it would be 3 GB.

7z Version

Installation and Starting

#1 - Extract the contents of the download into a directory such as "C:/" or "C:/Games/" and avoid the "Program Files" folders.

#2 - Start any SWAT/TO Mod version with the included .bat starter files, or manually start them from SWAT.exe or TacticalOps.exe in the */System/ folders.

If you're having trouble starting this download or any other version ask for support in the TO Discords.

Settings to Tweak

UT99 Maps in TO - All versions up to TO2.2 support playing on UT maps with TO weapons, this was removed in TO3.1.5 and later versions.

Buying Weapons - All versions up to TO2.2 required weapons to be purchased from the "Voice/Action Menu" that is bound to G.

Custom Maps - New maps can work on older mod versions, there is info about this on bottom of the Maps Readme page.


"TacticalOpsMods" folder after extracting the download: