TO:AoT Fixed Pack

The TO:AoT Fixed Pack is an easy download and extract play package that includes full versions of TO3.4 and TO3.5 with working multiplayer.

The base version is created from an original v436 TO install and there are updated versions available with the UT v469 patches.

Near the bottom of this page are various Addons for the pack and instructions to get TO running on Linux/macOS.

• Original v436 TO3.4 + TO3.5
• OpenGL Renderer v3.5
• Clean fileset and configs
• Fixed server browsers
• Key Binder included
• Menu to permanently mute server sounds
• Menu to change TOST and Renderer settings
• Fixed News Tab by "LuckyDog"
• TO Quick Join v1.1.3 by "-(V)(V)-"
• TO Launcher v3.0.0 by "tragio"

Download Links

This download extracts to a 1.4 GB folder. The zip and 7z version contain the same files only compressed differently.

v469 TO Downloads

These downloads are updated with the UT v469 patch that's still in development. They might have bugs or require modifying of settings ("Preferences" in console) to run correctly.

Important new features are "Raw Mouse Input" and "Higher Maximum FPS" without bugs resulting in improved mouse input and latency, some prefer the original v436 mouse feeling and stick to that version.

• UT99 v469 Engine
• Better Modern HW Support
• Smoother Gameplay
• Raw Mouse Input
• Higher Max FrameRateLimit (Lower Input Latency)
• Updated Audio and Video Renderers
• Demo Manager
• Unreal Editor v2.2
And many more features, check out the v469 patch changelog on Github.

TO:AoT Fixed Pack updated with the UT v469c+HotFix patch, comes with many new features that make it worth using over v436.

Files from the UT v469 patch can trigger false positive virus detections, it's known on the official Github.

Note: There is a bug in v469d RC4 where you get kicked by ACE if using Cursor/DirectInput modes, recommended to only use RawInput on this version.

Files from the UT v469 patch can trigger false positive virus detections, it's known on the official Github.

Installation and Starting

#1 - Extract the TacticalOps folder of the download into a directory such as "C:/" or "C:/Games/" and avoid the "Program Files" folders.

#2 - In the "TO Quick Join" you can directly join a server, or start TO from:
Menu -> Launch Tactical Ops 3.4
Menu -> Launch Tactical Ops 3.5

#3 - The "TO Launcher" first requires you to configure the Paths correctly in the settings.

#4 - Manually start any TO version directly from "/TO3#0/System/TacticalOps.exe".

If you're having trouble starting this download or any other version ask for support in the TO Discords.

Important Settings to Tweak

In v469 the OpenGL Renderer has a bug on newer AMD GPU's and might cause the weapon model to render buggy. Fix this by switching to the DirectX9 video renderer, it has identical visuals and as bonus increased performance.

For some the DX9 renderer also has issues, an other option is to not use v469c's OpenGL renderer but OpenGL Renderer v3.7 (86KB).

Check out the Change Renderer guide for instructions.

The v469 Packs have Anti-Aliasing set to 2x by default, similiar as in v436 it causes black/dark lines to appear on the seams/edges of the SkyBox in some maps.

Disable it from the "Preferences" menu in the console and by going to the video renderers settings or manually in TacticalOps.ini.

When using a different renderer than OpenGL these values must be changed in that section of the config.

In the v436 version the default FrameRateLimit=100, you can change it to 120, 144, 180 up to the outer maximum of 200 in "TacticalOps.ini" under section [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice].

An alternative way is to use the ingame console command: set OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice FrameRateLimit ###

Or change it from the ingame "Preferences" menu, read the bottom of the Renderers & FrameLimit guide for instructions.

The v469 version is set up to use the global FrameRateLimit setting in the [WinDrv.WindowsClient] section.

Change it by using the new fps console command, for example to limit to 144fps type in console: fps 144

The default is set to 300, the max you should set is calculated by "Server Netspeed/64 = Max FPS". (312 on 20000 and 390 on 25000 NetSpeed)

To avoid screen tearing use a FrameRateLimit that is divisible by the Refresh Rate of your monitor, or keep it on 180-200 for v436 and 300 for v469 for the lowest input latency.

Sometimes monitors have a different (usually higher) max resfresh rate on lower resolutions, a 60hz 1920x1080 monitor might run 70 or 75hz on 1024x768.

With the examples below keep in in the recommended limts of 180-200 on v436 and 300 on v469:
60hz - 60, 120, 180, 240, 300
70hz - 70, 140, 210, 280
75hz - 75, 150, 225, 300
120hz - 120, 240, 360
144hz - 144, 288
165hz - 165, 320
240hz - 240
360hz - 360

In theory the v469 version should be able to run higher than 300fps without issues, but the returns diminish greatly after 300 anyway.

Surround Sound and 3D Surround are disabled by default, change these in the ingame Audio Settings. Restart your game for these settings to take effect.

In the v436 version DirectInput is enabled by default, but this also activates the ALT+TAB Crosshair bug.

Some players choose to disable DirectInput and use the MarkC Mouse Fix. This fixes the bad mouse input with DirectInput disabled.

The MarkC Mouse Fix is included in the Extra folder of the download, view the Mouse Tracking & Input guide for more information.

The v469 version updated the DirectInput and added Raw Mouse Input.

Cursor - Same as "DirectInput off" original TO.
DirectInput - Updated from original TO.
Raw Input - New, enabled by default and recommended.

When not using Raw Input its highly recommended to use the MarkC Mouse Fix included in the Extra folder.

These days all servers use the ACE server addon, this requires you to click "Accept & Install" on its notifcation when first joining a multiplayer server.

If you have third party anti virus software installed on your PC, it could potentially block its installation resulting in getting kicked from the server.

To fix it manually install the (2.5MB) files into your TO installation, or White List the TacticalOps directory in your anti virus software.

Tip: Always check the console (~) as most times there will be a reason there why you got kicked from the server.


These addons are modular and will only add files and never overwrite any, order of installation doesn't matter. Extract them in the same directory as you extracted the main Fixed Pack download as they all share the same folder structure.

Includes the 3 AIM-IT Mappacks (32 Maps), TO Singleplayer Mod, AS/CTF/DM/TOMA Gametypes, TO2.2 Weapons and more for TO3.4 and TO3.5. All "safe" to install without causing any issues with multiplayer servers.

Most of these were either made in cooperation with, or endorsed and shared on the TO website by the TO-Team in the past. Visit this page for more information.

Includes a full TO220 standalone client that is also supported by the TO Quick Join and TO Launcher.

Its made from an UT99 v469c installation and has all 4 UT Bonus Packs added.

TO2.2 does have a bug when directly joining a server from an external launcher and requires to manually reconnect after joining the server.

Linux & macOS

The v469c and v469d versions can run on natively on Linux and MACos but the required files are not present in the TO:AoT Fixed Pack by default. Follow the instructions below to get the required files.

#1 - Download the x86/x64 variant of either v469c/d version you are using from the official v469 Github.

#2 - Extract the contents to a seperate folder and remove BotPack.u and UTMenu.u from the /System/ folder

#3 - Now copy all files into either or both the /TO340/ or /TO350/ folders from the TO:AoT Fixed Pack.

#4 - Create a .sh in the /System/ with the following contents:



if [ ! -x ut-bin ]; then chmod +x ut-bin ; fi


#1 - Copy the TO340 or TO350 folder contents from TO Fixed Pack with 469c or 469d patch to ~/Library/Application Support/Unreal Tournament/

#2 - Rename ~/Library/Application Support/Unreal Tournament/System/TacticalOps.ini to UnrealTournament.ini

#3 - Replace all files in ~/Library/Application Support/Unreal Tournament/System except BotPack.u and UTMenu.u with contents from the official v469c/d MACos patch from Github.

#4 - Launch

View on Github


"TacticalOps" folder after extracting the download:

TO Quick Join Tool:

TO Launcher: