TO:AOT v469 Fixed Pack

Experimental Test Version of the TO:AoT Fixed Pack with the UT99 v469 update, you can't play on TO3.5 ESE Forced servers since the ESE Manager wont allow the new "TacticalOps.exe".

List of all changes: 469b Release Notes

Testing Audio Renderers

In "TacticalOps.ini" in section "[Engine.Engine]" change "AudioDevice=" to
(Default) Galaxy: AudioDevice=Galaxy.GalaxyAudioSubsystem
New Cluster: AudioDevice=Cluster.ClusterAudioSubsystem
New ALAudio: AudioDevice=ALAudio.ALAudioSubsystem

Testing Video Renderers

In "TacticalOps.ini" in section "[Engine.Engine]" change "GameRenderDevice=" to
(Default) OpenGL: GameRenderDevice=OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice
New XOpenGL: GameRenderDevice=XOpenGLDrv.XOpenGLRenderDevice
New DirectX9: GameRenderDevice=D3D9Drv.D3D9RenderDevice

This v469b pack uses the same OpenGL Renderer v3.5 as the normal TO:AOT Fixed Pick for maximum compatibility with all servers.

If you a have multi monitor setup make sure to try the new XOpenGL Renderer as it should fix the brightness issues.

Testing FrameRateLimit/NetSpeed Settings

In v469 they supposedly fixed running a too high fps (200+) causing issues, now the maximum fps you should set is limited by the NetSpeed the server is using.

Most servers run a NetSpeed of 20000 or 25000 and the max fps you should set is calculated by Netspeed/64=max fps
This means the maximum fps you should set is 312 on a 20000 NetSpeed server and 390 on a 25000 NetSpeed server

So you could set FrameRateLimit=300 to fit all servers or set max 312 on a 20000 NetSpeed server and max 390 on 25000 NetSpeed server.
You can view the NetSpeed of the server by pressing F6 ingame.

Mouse Input Settings

Patch v469 introduces a new Raw Mouse Input setting that is enabled by default. The new Mouse Smoothing setting is disabled by default.
They also updated the Direct Input setting to a newer version, so it's up to you to experiment and test what feels best.

If you are not using Raw Input, it is recommended to install the MarkC Mouse Fix that is included in the Extra folder as usual.

Other Features

  • Bug/Crash fixes by UT v469 patch
  • Join TO3.5 servers without using "Spectator Mode" for ACE installation (ACE v1.1f & 1.2e)
  • Demo Manager is included by default (Auto record every game and view/download missing demo files)
Download Links

v469b Zip for Windows

v469b 7z for Windows
High compressed version. (7-Zip)