Fixed Pack v469a Test

Experimental Test Version of the TO:AOT Fixed Pack with the UT99 v469a update, you can't play on TO3.5 ESE Forced servers since the ESE Manager wont allow the new "TacticalOps.exe".

Changing/Testing the Audio Renderers

In "TacticalOps.ini" in section "[Engine.Engine]" change "AudioDevice=" to
(Default) New Cluster: AudioDevice=Cluster.ClusterAudioSubsystem
New ALAudio: AudioDevice=ALAudio.ALAudioSubsystem
Updated Galaxy: AudioDevice=Galaxy.GalaxyAudioSubsystem

Changing/Testing the Video Renderers

In "TacticalOps.ini" in section "[Engine.Engine]" change "GameRenderDevice=" to
(Default) Old but most compatible OpenGL*: GameRenderDevice=OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice
XOpenGL, new has bugs, not compatible on all servers: GameRenderDevice=XOpenGLDrv.XOpenGLRenderDevice
DirectX9, not compatible on all servers: GameRenderDevice=D3D9Drv.D3D9RenderDevice

* There are many video renderers for UT/TO, problem is there are still TO3.4 and TO3.5 servers running "old configs" that will kick you for them.
So for optimal server compatibility TO3.4 uses OpenGL Renderer v3.5 2009 and TO3.5 uses OpenGL from TO3.5 Patch 2005.

You can copy the "OpenGLDrv.dll" from TO340 folder into TO350 folder if you are having issues on TO3.5 with the currently used OpenGL from TO3.5 Patch 2005.
This is at the cost of being able to join older TO3.5 servers that are running outdated TOST versions.

Change the FrameRateLimit when using the OpenGL Renderer

The default FrameRateLimit=100, you can change it to 120, 144, 180 up to the outer maximum of 200 in "TacticalOps.ini" under section [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice].

Around 150-170 FPS some textures such as animated in-map scorecoards start to behave buggy, near 200'ish you get the extra footsteps effect, and in servers without ACE higher than 200 you get "pulled" back by the server since your client tries to move faster then you should. On servers with ACE a limit of 200 is forced.

You can change this value while playing to test the best setting, view the bottom of the Renderers & FrameLimit guide for more information.

Mouse Input Settings

Patch v469a introduces a new Raw Mouse Input setting that is enabled by default. The new Mouse Smoothing setting is disabled by default.
They also updated the Direct Input setting to a newer version, so it's up to you to experiment and test what feels best.

If you are not using Raw Input, it is recommended to install the MarkC Mouse Fix that is included in the Extra folder.

Other Features

• Bug/Crash fixes by UT v469a patch
• See how many files are remaining when downloading packages from a server
• Join TO3.5 servers without using "Spectator Mode" for ACE installation (ACE v1.1f & 1.2e)
• Demo Manager is included by default (Auto record every game and view/download missing demo files)
• Should be full Linux Compatible, start with "to-bin" or "to-bin-x86"


7z for Windows & Linux
• TO3.4 v469a + TO3.5 v469a + Quick Join Tool
• Extract with 7-Zip.