Legacy Fixed Pack

As of July 2022 this pack was replaced by the v469c pack as main download and it's not recommended to use this version anymore.

Its still fully functional and has been updated for the epic master server going offline in January 2023.

The legacy pack is created from mostly original v436 files and only an updated OpenGL renderer.

What is missing compared to the v469 Fixed Pack
• No TO2.2 included
• No Raw Mouse Input
• Lower Maximum FPS (Default 100, "max" 200)
• Older Audio/Video Renderers
• Various features and bug fixes from v469 patch

Reasons to use this old version
• TO3.5 ESE Compatible (No longer used since 2020)
• Possibly higher compatibility with old outdated server configs

Download Links

This download extracts to a 1.2 GB folder.

Zip for Windows

7z for Windows (7-Zip)

Last Updated: 3 February 2023
Important Settings to Tweak

Surround Sound and 3D Surround are disabled by default, change these in the ingame Audio Settings, restart your game for these settings to take effect.

The default FrameRateLimit=100, you can change it to 120, 144, 180 up to the outer maximum of 200 in "TacticalOps.ini" under section [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice].

An alternative way is to use the ingame console command: set OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice FrameRateLimit ###

Or change it from the ingame "Preferences" menu, read the bottom of the Renderers & FrameLimit guide for instructions.

DirectInput is enabled by default, this however activates the ALT+TAB Crosshair bug.

Some players choose to disable DirectInput and use the MarkC Mouse Fix. This fixes the bad mouse input with DirectInput disabled.

It's included in the Extra folder of the download, view the Mouse Tracking & Input guide for more information.

Extra Information

Included in the Extra folder is a Changed_or_Removed_Files.zip that includes all deleted or changed files.

Changes and settings modified in this pack:
• Custom Server Browser Fix (TacticalOps.ini, TOSystem.int and UBrowser.int)
• Updated OpenGL Renderer to v3.5 and use it by default (Custom Renderer, not older one from TO3.5 Patch)
• Removed old video Renderers (Direct3D, Glide and Metal)
• Removed old audio Renderer (SGL)
• TacticalOps.ini cleaned from data of removed audio and video Renderers (Direct3D, Glide, Metal, SGL, XDriver, GenericAudioSubSystem)
• TacticalOps.ini cleaned from all other unused sections
• Removed unused files from original installer (Setup.exe, Setup.int and Manifest.cfg)
• Removed unused Language Files in System Folder (*.det, *.est, *.frt and *.itt)
• Removed unused Server files (/Web/ and System/TacticalOpsWinServer.bat and UCC.exe)
• Merged Sub folders from /TacticalOps/ with the main folders
• Set FrameLimit to 100
• Set SwapInterval to 0
• Set Anisotropic Filtering to 16x by default
• Set Default Resolution to 1024x768 32bits
• Disabled Mouse Smoothing
• Enabled DirectInput
• Brightness @ 50% (10% higher as default)
• Audio, Music and Announcer Volume @ 50%
• View Bobbing @ 50% (10% lower as default)
• Disabled Auto Weapon Reload
• Cleaned up TacticalOps.ini and User.ini
• Copied over TacticalOps.ini to Default.ini and User.ini to DefUser.ini