Addon: Custom Pack

These files wont cause File Mismatches or problems for players on servers using a trimmed down fileset with problematic things removed.

Most of the custom gametypes only have minimal bot support, for example on CTF bots dont take the flag or score with if the get it by accident, but it can still be fun challenge to win a map. Deathmatch probably works best out of all gametypes.

Known Bugs:
• TO3.4 Singleplayer Mod has minor text off-center bug on 16:9 resolution, fixed in TO3.5 version.
• TO3.4 Monster Attack has broken buyscreen in practice session with 16:9 resolution.
• Mutators that change weapons can stay active after starting a new session. Only "fix" is to restart TO.

AIM-IT Mappacks

• TO-X-Salsa, TO-X-Singa and TO-X-SubwayStandoff are removed. (Obsolete by the TO-X2-* updated versions)
• TO3.5 has TO-X-Baxtown and TO-X2-Salsa removed. (Duplicates of TO-Baxtown and TO-Salsa)
• Now TO3.4 and TO3.5 have the same map count. (Used to be 33 vs 35, now both 65)

These mappacks were a colaboration between members of the TO-Team and the AIM-IT Team and also added into an official TO3.4 server pack back in the day.

TO:Singleplayer Mod

The "official" singleplayer addon that wasn't finished on time to be included in the retail release. In the original TO3.1.9 CD install there was even a left over ini file from this.

A bit of an overlooked mod that is a fun challenge, it adds simple objectives and a timer with medals on some of the original maps.

TO Gametype Pack (TO3.4 Only)

Slimmed down version of the Gametype Pack with all unneeded files removed and the .int's edited to not add the useless 4 extra server browser lists.

The TO2.2 player skins (and other mutators) are removed as playing with those and afterwards join a server causes problems.

Was an "endorsed" mod pack shared on the official TO website back in the day.

TO2.2 Weapons Mutator (TO3.4 Only)

Mutator that lets you play with TO2.2 Weapons on TO/AS/CTF/DM/TOMA.

Nice way to add some of the "oldskool" UT99 mod versions back into TO3.4, too bad the TO2.2 Player Skins mutator is problematic and not added to this "multiplayer compatible" focused pack.

AoT Weapon Pack Mutator (TO3.4 Only)

Adds back the TO2.2 Famas, Steyr Aug, SR9 and TO3.4 OICW into the buyscreen, customizable for which team or both. Has option to display the Real Weapons names just like on servers.

Added as people always ask how to get more weapons, mostly being confused by servers having all weapons on both teams combined with few TO2 weapons added from the TOSTWeapons server addon.

Offers a simple way for some extra guns when playing with TO3.4 weapons.

Money Tool Mutator (TO3.4 Only)

Simple mutator that modifies the start money to buy better weapons at start of round. Edit the min/max/start money values in "TOMoneyTool.ini".