Video for Tactical Ops TV

Anybody is free to submit any TO related video to the Tactical Ops TV channel.

• Must be TO related (Any UT/TO version.)
• Minimum 720p 30fps

Doesnt matter if its a 2 hour marathon, 20 min map, short highlights, frag montage, anything goes...

How To Submit

Post a link to the download of your video (google drive, wetransfer...) in the YouTube/Twitch channels in one of these TO discords.
TO:AoT Community Discord
TO3.4 Community Discord

Simply @jo0Oey and say you want it uploaded to the channel, i check these discords every 1-2 days else send me a pm.

Alternative method is send email to [email protected] but its not check frequently.

If you prefer you can set pick your own Video Title, Thumbnail, Description and Top Pinned Comment text.