Upload Files

No upload system here, all must be manually send as a message to Discord jo0Oey or TACTICALOPSDL [at] gmail.com

News & Links

If you have any TO related news, links or announcements of example a tournament/cup simply send a message to contacts above.

Files & Custom Maps

Make sure all packages are included with the map and upload the files to a sharing site such as WeTransfer or Google Drive and share the links, don't send email attachments.

YouTube Videos

Anybody is free to submit any TO related video for the Tactical Ops TV channel. Full 20 min gameplays, wars, montage, highlights, anything, even live stream.

The only requirement is it must be a TO/TO:AOT/TOC/TO4 related video and preferably in 1280x720 resolution or higher.

All video descriptions are synced for easy batch editing but you can link to anything in the top pinned comment and get credits on the About page.