These redirects can be used on a Server or with the Demo Manager addon that has auto file download.

Warning: Make sure to grab the correct URL as they are formatted differently and for each TO version.

Decompress files from UZ or the other way around with (1.3MB) - Tutorial Video.

Submit Files

Contact to add custom files, or request a private redirect. (Only for SW/TO/TOC/UT related servers)

They are hosted on a 1000mbit/s vps "dedicated" to the redirects so better use it than to burden a TO game server host with extra http load.

Server Configuration

To use the redirect on a server edit the [IpDrv.HTTPDownLoad] section of the server configuration.

Tactical Ops 3.4
Tactical Ops 3.5
Demo Manager Configuration

To use the redirect in Demo Manager edit the udemo.ini file in the System folder.

Tactical Ops 3.4
Tactical Ops 3.5
File Summary

Only on 3.4 Redirect
• TOST v4.2.4.0
• TOST Protect v1.9.9.4
• TOST Weapons v1.4.0.0

Only on 3.5 Redirect
• TOST v4.4.2.5
• TOST Weapons v2.1.1.1
• ESE Monsters

On Both Redirects
• 2800+ Maps and Required Packages
• Announcer2k3
• Announcer2k4
• ACE v1.1F
• ACE v1.2E
• Bot UnBalancer v1.0b
• ESE Announcers
• ESE XMAS Skins
• Gametype Pack/TO Extra Pack
• Hostages Killer V2
• MapVoteUL v2.4
• Monster Factory v6 v1.07b
• Nexgen v1.12
• Nexgen v1.12N
• Nexgen v1.13
• Nexgen ACE Extension v11.1
• Nexgen ACE Extension v12.2
• Nexgen ACE Extension v12.3
• Nexgen Advanced Ban Manager v2.01
• Nexgen Advanced Ban Manager v2.05
• Nexgen Player Lookup 2.02
• Nexgen Player Lookup 2.02N
• Nexgen Player Lookup 2.03
• sG Bet
• Smileyforall + nSmileyforall
• Techs No Dodge
• TO2.2 Player Skins Mutator
• TO2.2 Weapons Mutator
• TO Money Tool

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