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New TO:AoT Reddit

"Solstice" started a new Tactical Ops AoT Reddit where there will be stuff posted like news, stream announcements, new maps and more.

15 April 2024
Map Archive Server New IP

The Map Archive server has moved to a new IP and is now hosted by "Carnitarian". Big thanks to "Nezz" for hosting the last 2.5 years.

Back are the Map Readmes, when a map has one you can view it in the mapvote by clicking the "Map Info" button.

28 Febraury 2024
Spectator Stream Test

On Friday 16 Feb 19:00 to 00:00 CET a "auto-spectator" joins the LD+TOeu Public #1 server and streams it YouTube & Twitch.

It auto cycles player view, opens the scoreboard every minute and has timed restarts as "anti-crash" method.

Just a fun project to test, currently the video quality is impacted greatly by Twitch 6000 kbit/s limit.

16 Febraury 2024
New Crosshair Pack

One thing TO was lacking in was choice of crosshairs, this has been "fixed" by the new (832 KB) Pack with 350+ crosshairs.

Unlike many of the default ones these are all centre aligned cross-shaped crosshairs that have multiple sizes, gaps and dot options.

Check out the Preview Image with all crosshairs, or the Mini Tutorial on YouTube on how to install them.

Update: Watch this Tutorial for a method to change the crosshair/size/gap/dot ingame from the console.

Update 2: Crosshair pack has been updated to v4, fixed the white crosshairs and added 6 colors: Color Preview

14 Febraury 2024
ACE Update / 469D Kicks

The Filelist ACE uses to check which files are allowed has recently been updated and as result players with older 469d-RC2 installs get kicked from ACE servers.

If you are still using older 469d-RC versions its now a good time to update to the main release version.

22 January 2024
v469d Patch Release

The official public version of the v469d UT Patch has been released by the OldUnreal team.

This means an updated TO:AoT Fixed Pack is available and the patch files have been added to the File Archive.

Its possible to use both ini's from the RC4 version, when moving from older versions its recommended to only copy the User.ini

12 December 2023
LD+TOeu XMAS Server

During the end of 2023 there will be a server hosted by the LuckyDawgs and loaded up with Xmas Skins, Maps and more.

If you have suggestions for maps or other improvements for the server let us know in the TO Discords.

Update: Server will have new XMAS Skins made by "Dembi".

21 November 2023
v436 TO3.5 INI Update

The 436 version of the TO:AoT Fixed Pack has been updated because it had a flaw in the TO3.5 User/DefUser.ini

At least since january 2023 the player name was set back to "Player" and not "NewPlayer" as it had been in the past, and TO3.5 servers block that name by default.

These are now the default players names for all fixed packs: Player_v436, Player_v469c and Player_v469d.
The v469c/d packs havent been updated as they already had different name than Player for TO3.5

11 November 2023
v469d-RC4 Patch

With the release of the UT v469d-RC4 patch by the OldUnreal team the TO:AoT Fixed Pack has been updated to have an RC4 version.

Keep in mind the v469 TO releases are experimental, please report bugs/issues in the TO Discords first.

30 October 2023
EU vs PL Showmatch Video

Check out the stream replay of the Team EU vs Team PL Showmatch by "WUGJE":

23 October 2023
EU vs PL Showmatch

The TO3.4 Discord is organizing a Team Europe vs Team Poland showmatch, 10 players with years of experience will battle it out for fun.

The match will be live streamed Sunday 22 October 20:45 CET (8:45PM) on the Tactical Ops TV channel.

Check out the Teaser made by "WUGJE".

16 October 2023
TO Archive Update

The TO Archive has moved away from Google Drive, currently all files are hosted by "LuckyDog" and the plan is to have another mirror up in December 2023.

Over 500 map screenshots have been added and 100+ old ones redone, finally the Map Galleries have previews for all maps.

Allot of new files have been added and old ones have have their filename cleaned up for cleaner download url's.

15 October 2023
New Maps October 2023

In October LUK144PL submitted a set of 14 TO maps with UT XVehicles (Tanks, Jeeps etc) and 6 variations of a Dust Remix.

Other map releases are a fixed TrainStation by "SpiritSuxor" and a fixed TO-2W-Casino by "LuckyDog"

14 October 2023
TOST4500 Development

"LuckyDog" is making great progress on the development of TOST4500 and is updating it frequently.

Give him your support and feedback in the TO Dev & Support Discord.

24 August 2023
Even More Maps Added

It seems July is the Month Of TO Maps, retreived another 9 maps from the 3.4 Miau servers.

TO-Assault_by_dembi_v2 - Now we have TO-Assault_by_dembi and TO-(DEMBI)-Assault maps
TO-DM-Alienlife - Unreal convert by "Alper", had some packages problems that are fixed
TO-Dm-Aphas - Same as above
TO-DM-Healpod - Same as above
TO-DM-INF-Scramble - Infiltration convert by "Carnitarian"
TO-INF-Peru][ - Same as above
TO-Miau-RapidWaters - RW with beautiful HD skybox by "Carnitarian"
TO-Mirage2 - Latest "test" v4? of the Mirage convert by "Dembi"
TO-TrooperHD2 - Was named differntly, unfinished map by "Carnitarian"

28 July 2023
Another Bundle Of Maps

"Sp1r1tSuxor" released 5 maps, "Carnitarian" converted another INF map and "Dembi" is working on a CS Mirage convert.

TO-[C]rash_Base2_Kuiper (New map)
TO-2-ColdV34 (Bug fix)
TO-Arena_Kuiper (New map)
TO-Omega2 (SF buyzone fix)
TO-Sabotage-AoT (Old 2002 map convert and fix)
TO-EAS-INF-Iraq (UT Infiltration convert)
TO-Mirage (CS convert) - Warning: This map file might get updated in the future.

24 July 2023
2900 Custom Maps

We reached the 2900 custom map count in the TO Archive after "Carnitarian" converted 5 more UT Maps: TO-* DM-[LUN]DUST2, INF-ACityBlock, INF-Belfast, INF-Ruin and INF-Stalingrad

Over 8 years ago it was seen as impossible to have that many maps working from one fileset without any errors or file mismatches. Extracting a map download always had the chance of breaking other maps or messing up your game/server files.

21 July 2023
INF Maps Converted

"Carnitarian" has recently converted 7 UT Infiltration maps: TO-DM-INF-* Arsenal, Atoll, Chasm, Kazakhstan, ResearchSite, Siberia and Sicily.

14 July 2023
New YouTube Uploads

New Rise To Glory movie released on YouTube by "WUGJE", it features clips from 15+ players.

A week ago "Gniew" also submitted a Mixes & Public video that is also worth a watch.

17 June 2023
TOST v4.5.0.0 Trailer

Check out the new preview trailer on YouTube by "WUGJE", it showcases the new TOST in development by "LuckyDog".

It aims to bring features from TO3.5 to 3.4 servers among other fixes and improvements.

19 May 2023
TO History Pack Bug

The TO History Pack had a "bug" in TO3.1.5 and TO3.3.2 causing them to crash on startup.

This bad version was online for a month but has now been fixed thanks to some help by "LuckyDog".

23 April 2023
New TO Launcher

A new launcher was released for TO made by "tragio". It has a modern look with a server list, news tab and links.

It has been added to the TO Fixed Pack but can also be downloaded manually from his github.

30 March 2023
Fixed Pack Mini Update

Small config update to the TO3.4 TOSTUser.ini in the TO Fixed Pack to enable TOST Weapons and Team HUD by default for TOST v4.5.

The "Settings Menu" was also updated to fix its TOST settings and the custom server sounds perma mute function.

18 March 2023
Miau Maps Updated

The Miau Mappack, TO-VillageIdiot and TO-WarNeverChanges have their downloads updated.

There was a bug in VillageIdiotsnd.uax that is now fixed thanks to "Carnitarian".

17 March 2023
TO3.1.0 Preserved

The first retail TO version 3.1.0 iso has been added to the file archive thanks to "Dontian".

This was an english only retail version released 2 weeks before TO3.1.9 on April 2nd, 2002.

25 February 2023
Nexgen v1.13

An updated version of Nexgen has been released by "LuckyDog" that fixes various stuff for TO and has better VPN ban support.

It can be downloaded from the Anti Cheat & Server section or view the changelog below.

Here is a short list of fixed that come in v1.13
• Fixed "accessed nones" in Serverlogs
• First install automatically sets up correct working variables
• NexgenACEExt12_3 now supports HWID bans
• ACE is being checked durin gameplay aswell, not only on login
• VPN style logins pass at least one checkroutine now

16 February 2023
History Pack Updated

All mod versions of the TO History Pack are updated and now have their appropriate startup logo.

Note: This pack is meant for exploring the old mod versions, to play TO 2.2, 3.4 or 3.5 online use the TO Fixed Pack.

2 February 2023
Ingame News Tab Fixed

Thanks to patches released by "LuckyDog" for TO2.2, TO3.4 and TO3.5 the ingame News Tab works again.

Its recommended to install them so it's easy to stay up to date with the latest TO news from ingame.

The files are multiplayer compatible, no problems when joining servers. They have already been applied to the Fixed Pack.

Download for TO2.2: (6 KB)
Download for TO3.4 & TO3.5 (5 KB)

30 January 2023
TO Fixed Pack Updated

The "TO:AoT Fixed Pack" is renamed to the "TO Fixed Pack" and now also includes a full TO2.2 install.

The plan is to update the TO Quick Join so it also supports it, for now only the ingame server list can be used.

This TO2.2 version only shows "TO220" servers and not "s_SWATGame", the server files will be released later.

The ingame News tab is fixed and displayed custom news text in 2.2, 3.4 and 3.5.

28 January 2023
New YouTube Uploads

On the Tactical Ops TV YouTube channel a new TO Mods Versions playlist with footage of all old mod versions.

TaNaKa also started to upload gameplay to the channel again:

27 January 2023
TO History Pack

The TO Mods Pack has been renamed to the TO History Pack and includes all SWAT/TO Mod versions: SWAT, TO1.2, TO1.6, TO2.0, TO2.2, TO3.1.5 and TO3.3.2

Cool blast from the past to relive some nostalgia, its the first time ever that all mod versions are so easy accessible to play.

20 January 2023
Epic Games Masterserver

Updated various TO files since the epicgames master server goes offline end of january 2023.

It's not a real problem for TO as all existing TO Archive packs already used 3 master servers.

Changes to TO3.4+3.5 Fixed Packs
• Updated the epicgames masterserver to OldUnreal masterserver
• Set gfx renderer settings identical between v469 and legacy pack
• Set the "showweaponinfo" and "showteaminfo" HUD to style 1 by default for TO3.4.1 server
• Added the settings/serversounds mute menu from v469 pack to legacy pack

Changes to Editor Packs (all-in-one editor+addons+tools)
• Updated the epicgames masterserver to OldUnreal masterserver
• Set gfx renderer settings identical between v469 and legacy pack
• Set the default frameratelimit to 100 on v469c pack

Changes to Server Patch (Still a Work in Progres...)
• Updated the Epicgames masterserver to OldUnreal masterserver

Changes to TO:C v1.97 Pack
• Updated the Epicgames masterserver to

Now the used master servers are 333Networks, Qtracker and OldUnreal for TO, and Openspy for TOC.

The Quick Join might also be slow after 25 Jan as it will timeout on 3rd master server...

2 January 2023
Redirect Moved + Updated Server Patch

The Public Redirect has moved to a new host, big thanks to "L4UR3NS" for hosting it from February to December 2022.

The Server Patch has been updated allot recently. The TO3.5 TickRate is fixed, MapVoteUL config is fixed and the TO3.5 server config is set to use the correct redirect url.

Its still a work in progress for the perfect TO server fileset and configs, feedback is greatly apreciated in the "server-support" channel of the TO Community Discord.

24 December 2022
TO2.5 AoT Preview Version

TO2.5 is an unfinished, unofficial modded version of TO2.2 to run as a standalone game. Many small changes and updates have been made to both the gameplay and the menu interfaces.

It should be compatible with all TO3+ maps in the File Archive. It has no server browser so joining a server is only possible from the console with ip.

This TO version has download and install instructions on its own page in the "Other" section of the File Archive.

21 December 2022
TO Fixed Pack

The settings menu has been updated again. There is a bug when toggling Default Textures while AA is on in v469c, so the AA settings have been removed again. Better to force MSAA from your gpu driver settings.

21 December 2022
TO:C Pack

The TO:C Pack is an unofficial standalone version of TO:Crossfire that runs from "stripped down" base game folder.

It also includes the recently released v1.97 patch that fixes the unclosable update notifcation on startup.

20 December 2022
Fixed Pack Updated

The "Custom Server Sounds" menu has been replaced by the "Advanced Settings Menu", from this Mod Menu you can edit video settings, mute server sounds and modify TOST settings.

The Audio and TOST tabs are only for TO3.4 as you can't open Mod Menus while connected to a 3.5 server.

Update 3: Added the AA settings back into the menu...

8 December 2022
Fixed Pack Addons

The Fixed Pack now has 3 addons/patches available:

  • Custom Pack - The custom files recently added and moved back out of the pack.
  • Linux Files - All files required to run the game (or host server) on Linux.
  • Server Patch (WIP) - Patch that includes all server addons, plugins and config files to host a server.

The Server Patch has its own dedicated Readme, both the Patch and the Readme are a work in progress.

24 November 2022
Fixed Pack Update

The custom files previously added to the v469c Fixed Pack have been removed and are now downloadable as update zip.

With new plans to release addon zips for the pack it was best to keep the base download as clean and lightweight as possible.

20 November 2022
Miau Mappack Updated

The Miau Mappack has been updated as 13 of it's maps had a new fixed version released.

The individual map downloads and their files on the public redirect have also been updated.


19 November 2022
Custom Files Added Back To Fixed Pack

After long consideration some custom content has been added (back) into the TO:AoT Fixed Pack. Times have changed and who cares about 100MB extra download size.

If recently updated to the v469c+HotFix version you can copy over the "TacticalOps" and "User" ini's.

• All 3 AIM-IT Mappacks (32 Quality Maps)
• TO Singleplayer Mod
• AS/CTF/DM/TOMA Gametypes (3.4 Only)
• TO2.2 Weapons Mutator (3.4 Only)
• AoT Weapon Pack Mutator (3.4 Only)
• Money Tool Mutator (3.4 Only)

Click here to view a dedicated page to all the files added, it goes into detail what changes are made.

15 November 2022
Redirect Changed Already

The Public Redirect has "moved" sooner than expected, when using it in demo manager or server make sure to update it.

14 November 2022
New YouTube Video

New video uploaded on the Tactical Ops TV channel made my WUGJE.

13 November 2022
v469 Fixed Pack Updated

The TO:AoT Fixed Pack has been updated from v469c rc4 to the full v469c release + Hot Fix.

Two other small changes are Safe Mode window has returned to "TO" in title/buttons and some unused int files are removed.

12 November 2022
Redirect Changes URL Soon

At the end of December the Public Redirect will change to a different URL.

This is just a heads up for those who use it in demo manager or server to change it by then.

11 November 2022
New Mappacks

Two new mappacks have been added:

  • Fall Mappack - Repack of all 64 "Fall" gametype maps made for TO.
  • CS Mappack - All versions of CS maps for TO, made to recreate an old CS Mappack.

6 November 2022
Miau Mappack Released

New Miau Mappack is released with 15 maps. The first "new" mappack since a few years.

Download it and other mappacks from the Map Packs page.

Six previously uploaded Miau maps have had their downloads updated with new versions:


7 October 2022
New Guides

New are the Monster Gametypes and Custom Gametypes guides. They explain which gametypes you can play on TO3.4 or 3.5, and if they work offline or online.

8 September 2022
v469c RC4

The TO:AoT Fixed Pack has been updated from v469 rc3 patch to v469 rc4.

26 August 2022
New YouTube Video

New YouTube video submitted by GkN.

22 August 2022
v469c RC3

The UT99 v469c rc3 patch has been released and so the TO:AoT Fixed Pack has been updated from v469c rc2 to rc3. The full release should come soon...

The OpenGL Renderer should no longer crash when alt+tabbing or minimizing the game window.

7 August 2022
v469c Fixed Pack Updated Again

Previously the v469 Fixed Pack was using an older OpenGL renderer for compatibilty with old server configs, now it has been updated to use the v469c one.

This means multi-monitor setups no longer have to switch to a different renderer to fix the ingame brightness not working.

Besides other small configuration changes the startup logo has also been restored back to original size.

30 July 2022
Fixed Pack Updated to v469c

The Fixed Pack has been updated from v469b to v469c and it seems the audio loop bug that happened when loading into a map is fixed. (Example: Trooper SF Side)

24 July 2022
Fixed Pack Goes v469b

The default TO:AoT Fixed Pack has been moved to "legacy" status and is replaced by the v469b pack as main TO download.

New v469b features are the amazing "Raw Input" mode for better mouse input and higher max fps without bugs.
Only downside is that TO3.5 is no longer compatible with "ESE Forced" servers, but it's not used anymore in 2022.

16 July 2022
LuckyDog's TO3.4.1 Project

"LuckyDog" has been working past few months on TO v3.4.1: New features and bug fixes for TO3.4

It also includes ported features from TO3.5 and its newer TOST+TOSTWeapons server addons.

There are test servers running on TO3.4, leave feedback on LD's Discord.

GameMode - toggles between 3.4 and 3.5 shake feeling on firing
MouseMode - toggles Mouse feeling between 3.4 and 3.5
LaserMode - toggles laser modes
showweaponinfo - turns on weapon icons on bottom
showteaminfo - turns on teaminfo modes on the hud
hudvisor - toggles debug information on top, now also contains ping

22 June 2022
TO4 Server List Removed

The TO4 server list has been removed as it was coded in a "bad" way. One day in the future it might come back in the same style as the regular TO server list.

21 June 2022
v469b Fixed Pack Updated

The v469b version of the TO:AoT Fixed Pack has been updated, a missing setting prevented the v469 Demo Manager to function properly.

Manual Fix: DemoRecordingDevice=udemo.uDemoDriver in TacticalOps.ini
Check out all the Demo Manager commands in the new Demo Manager Guide

18 June 2022
New Throwback Videos

More than 30 "new" Throwback videos are being uploaded to the Tactical Ops TV channel.

Next few days about 4-5 videos daily, after that 1-2 videos for a total of 2 weeks.

Saving some of the best videos for last, else they will just get buried under the rest of the videos.

16 June 2022
Site Updated

The "core" of the site has been completely rebuild with upgraded visual theme, plugins and icons. Many pages still need to be updated, will be a WiP.

Bonus: 5+ classics mappacks have been rebuild and added.

15 June 2022
New YouTube Video

9 June 2022
Updates to Website

The Guides & Info section has been updated and new tutorials have been added, including the UnrealEd Reference Guide.

New Package Explorer added that can view contents of TO packages stored on your device from the site. (Maps/Textures/Sounds etc)

New UMX Converter added that can convert MP3 files to UMX for use in custom maps.

30 April 2022
Updates to Server

The "TOeu" 3.4 server now has a dedicated DE+MSG list in the mapvote and 250+ sounds added.

Read on the Submit Sounds page how to submit custom sounds.

The too loud UT99 headshot hit sound is replaced by a custom one.

4 March 2022
Redirect Moved Location

The Redirect has moved location and is now hosted on thanks to "L4UR3NS".

18 February 2022
AOT Rankings 2021

A new PDF has been released with the latest rankings and awards from the Winter Cup: The Sequel
View: AOT-Rankings-2021

15 December 2021
Winter Cup: The Sequel

On 27 November it's time for Winter Cup: The Sequel. Players sign up as solo and are placed in teams by the organizers ONEMANARMY, Daya, Nezz & Lumi.

When interested in playing find the sign up link in the TO Discord. Videos from last year: Player Draw & Final

12 November 2021
Server Moved IP

The "TOeu" server has moved to a new home at IP:

Big thanks to "Nezz" for the hosting and putting in the time testing best location.

25 October 2021
New Throwback Videos

Thanks to "Final_Breath aka" allot of new throwback videos are uploaded to the Tactical Ops TV YouTube.

View them from the Throwback Playlist, a collection of old videos from back in the day, preserving a bit of TO history.

24 July 2021
v469 Fixed Pack Updated

The TO:AOT v469 Fixed Pack is updated with the recently released UT99 v469b patch.

Main reasons to test v469 compared to regular TO (v436) is Raw Mouse Input and supposedly higher max fps without bugs.

12 March 2021
New TOSTFun version for TO3.4 Servers

LuckyDog released an updated TOSTFun v1.3.0.0 package with new versions of the FunPiece and Announcer for TO3.4 servers.

  • Custom Headshot sounds
  • Headshot Message localized
  • Custom suicide messages
  • Bugfix Headshot height (announcements)
  • Bugfix double announcements
  • Bugfix default announcer

14 February 2021
Updated the TO:AoT Fixed Pack

Some small changes applied to both the normal Fixed Pack and the v469a Test Pack:

  • Changed default name from "Player" to "NewPlayer" (Prevent kick on TO3.5 servers)
  • Updated the OpenGL on TO3.5 from the original in TO3.5 patch to "OpenGL Renderer v3.5" (TO3.4 used it, now TO3.5 too since no more servers with TOST v4.3 online)
  • Disabled the "Show Widescreen" setting that applied useless black bars to top and bottom of screen when dead or spectating
  • Added "TOSTUser.ini" to enable "showweaponinfo" and "showteaminfo" by default (Not all players aware of existence)
  • Added "MapVoteULv2_4_Client.ini" to give the mapvote used by some servers a more blue TO theme by default

Currently the audio renderers are buggy on v469a but the plus side is the Raw Input mouse setting and 200+ fps on ACE v1.2e servers.

6 January 2021
Tactical Ops Tournament Rankings

Check out the recently released Player Rank List from all the cups and tournaments Daya and Lumi have organized since 2016.

31 December 2020
Updated Guides & Info

The Mouse Tracking & Input guide is updated with all known TO "placebo" mouse fixes and a new guide is added: FOV & Aspect Ratio.

28 November 2020
TO Winter Cup 2020 Final Video

Live stream recording of the Winter Cup Final on TO-IcyBreeze, streamed by *LuNa*.jLc

22 November 2020