New Guides

New are the Monster Gametypes and Custom Gametypes guides. They explain which gametypes you can play on TO3.4 or 3.5, and if they work offline or online.

8 September 2022
v469c RC4

The TO:AoT Fixed Pack has been updated from v469 rc3 patch to v469 rc4.

26 August 2022
New YouTube Video

New YouTube video submitted by GkN.

22 August 2022
v469c RC3

The UT99 v469c rc3 patch has been released and so the TO:AoT Fixed Pack has been updated from v469c rc2 to rc3. The full release should come soon...

The OpenGL Renderer should no longer crash when alt+tabbing or minimizing the game window.

7 August 2022
v469c Fixed Pack Updated Again

Previously the v469 Fixed Pack was using an older OpenGL renderer for compatibilty with old server configs, now it has been updated to use the v469c one.

This means multi-monitor setups no longer have to switch to a different renderer to fix the ingame brightness not working.

Besides other small configuration changes the startup logo has also been restored back to original size.

30 July 2022
Fixed Pack Updated to v469c

The Fixed Pack has been updated from v469b to v469c and it seems the audio loop bug that happened when loading into a map is fixed. (Example: Trooper SF Side)

24 July 2022
Fixed Pack Goes v469b

The default TO:AoT Fixed Pack has been moved to "legacy" status and is replaced by the v469b pack as main TO download.

New v469b features are the amazing "Raw Input" mode for better mouse input and higher max fps without bugs.
Only downside is that TO3.5 is no longer compatible with "ESE Forced" servers, but it's not used anymore in 2022.

16 July 2022
LuckyDog's TO3.4.1 Project

"LuckyDog" has been working past few months on TO v3.4.1: New features and bug fixes for TO3.4

It also includes ported features from TO3.5 and its newer TOST+TOSTWeapons server addons.

There are test servers running on TO3.4, leave feedback on LD's Discord.

GameMode - toggles between 3.4 and 3.5 shake feeling on firing
MouseMode - toggles Mouse feeling between 3.4 and 3.5
LaserMode - toggles laser modes
showweaponinfo - turns on weapon icons on bottom
showteaminfo - turns on teaminfo modes on the hud
hudvisor - toggles debug information on top, now also contains ping

22 June 2022
TO4 Server List Removed

The TO4 server list has been removed as it was coded in a "bad" way. One day in the future it might come back in the same style as the regular TO server list.

21 June 2022
v469b Fixed Pack Updated

The v469b version of the TO:AoT Fixed Pack has been updated, a missing setting prevented the v469 Demo Manager to function properly.

Manual Fix: DemoRecordingDevice=udemo.uDemoDriver in TacticalOps.ini
Check out all the Demo Manager commands in the new Demo Manager Guide

18 June 2022
New Throwback Videos

More than 30 "new" Throwback videos are being uploaded to the Tactical Ops TV channel.

Next few days about 4-5 videos daily, after that 1-2 videos for a total of 2 weeks.

Saving some of the best videos for last, else they will just get buried under the rest of the videos.

16 June 2022
Site Updated

The "core" of the site has been completely rebuild with upgraded visual theme, plugins and icons. Many pages still need to be updated, will be a WiP.

Bonus: 5+ classics mappacks have been rebuild and added.

15 June 2022
New YouTube Video

9 June 2022
Updates to Website

The Guides & Info section has been updated and new tutorials have been added, including the UnrealEd Reference Guide.

New Package Explorer added that can view contents of TO packages stored on your device from the site. (Maps/Textures/Sounds etc)

New UMX Converter added that can convert MP3 files to UMX for use in custom maps.

30 April 2022
Updates to Server

The "TOeu" 3.4 server now has a dedicated DE+MSG list in the mapvote and 250+ sounds added.

Read on the Submit Sounds page how to submit custom sounds.

The too loud UT99 headshot hit sound is replaced by a custom one.

4 March 2022
Redirect Moved Location

The Redirect has moved location and is now hosted on thanks to "L4UR3NS".

18 February 2022
AOT Rankings 2021

A new PDF has been released with the latest rankings and awards from the Winter Cup: The Sequel
View: AOT-Rankings-2021

15 December 2021
Winter Cup: The Sequel

On 27 November it's time for Winter Cup: The Sequel. Players sign up as solo and are placed in teams by the organizers ONEMANARMY, Daya, Nezz & Lumi.

When interested in playing find the sign up link in the TO Discord. Videos from last year: Player Draw & Final

12 November 2021
Server Moved IP

The "TOeu" server has moved to a new home at IP:

Big thanks to "Nezz" for the hosting and putting in the time testing best location.

25 October 2021
New Throwback Videos

Thanks to "Final_Breath aka" allot of new throwback videos are uploaded to the Tactical Ops TV YouTube.

View them from the Throwback Playlist, a collection of old videos from back in the day, preserving a bit of TO history.

24 July 2021
v469 Fixed Pack Updated

The TO:AOT v469 Fixed Pack is updated with the recently released UT99 v469b patch.

Main reasons to test v469 compared to regular TO (v436) is Raw Mouse Input and supposedly higher max fps without bugs.

12 March 2021
New TOSTFun version for TO3.4 Servers

LuckyDog released an updated TOSTFun v1.3.0.0 package with new versions of the FunPiece and Announcer for TO3.4 servers - TOST Fun

  • Custom Headshot sounds
  • Headshot Message localized
  • Custom suicide messages
  • Bugfix Headshot height (announcements)
  • Bugfix double announcements
  • Bugfix default announcer

14 February 2021
Updated the TO:AoT Fixed Pack

Some small changes applied to both the normal Fixed Pack and the v469a Test Pack:

  • Changed default name from "Player" to "NewPlayer" (Prevent kick on TO3.5 servers)
  • Updated the OpenGL on TO3.5 from the original in TO3.5 patch to "OpenGL Renderer v3.5" (TO3.4 used it, now TO3.5 too since no more servers with TOST v4.3 online)
  • Disabled the "Show Widescreen" setting that applied useless black bars to top and bottom of screen when dead or spectating
  • Added "TOSTUser.ini" to enable "showweaponinfo" and "showteaminfo" by default (Not all players aware of existence)
  • Added "MapVoteULv2_4_Client.ini" to give the mapvote used by some servers a more blue TO theme by default

Currently the audio renderers are buggy on v469a but the plus side is the Raw Input mouse setting and 200+ fps on ACE v1.2e servers.

6 January 2021
Tactical Ops Tournament Rankings

Check out the recently released Player Rank List from all the cups and tournaments Daya and Lumi have organized since 2016.

31 December 2020
Updated Guides & Info

The Mouse Tracking & Input guide is updated with all known TO "placebo" mouse fixes and a new guide is added: FOV & Aspect Ratio.

28 November 2020
TO Winter Cup 2020 Final Video

Live stream recording of the Winter Cup Final on TO-IcyBreeze, streamed by *LuNa*.jLc

22 November 2020