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Important bulletin: AMD Graphics users might experience weapons not to be shown. Please switch your gamepack to DX9 instead of OpenGL for now!
Find a guide here!

Nexgen v 1.13 - inofficial

Current official release version of Nexgen is v1.12. Version 1.12 however has various issues when being used with Tactical Ops.
Here is a short list of fixed that come in v1.13
- Fixed "accessed nones" in Serverlogs
- First install automatically sets up correct working variables
- NexgenACEExt12_3 now supports HWID bans
- ACE is being checked durin gameplay aswell, not only on login
- VPN style logins pass at least one checkroutine now

Find Nexgen v1.13 in the file archive in the Anti Cheat & Server Files section.

TOST 45 for Tactical Ops 3.4 - 10.02.2023

Yes, you heard right! After nearly 2 decades, TOST receives an update to version 4500.
Functionality of TOST 4500 will not be much different to TOST 4240. The main advantages lay in:
- de-lag of Tactical Ops 3.4 Server and Client
- making netplay vs ping more tolerant
- minor visual changes
- highly improved netcode to de-lag own moving
A complete changelog will be available soon

Tactical Ops in 2023!!

We are writing the year 2023 and Tactical Ops still is alive!
After various years of not having something written to this page we finally managed to recover this site from the depths.
If you are able to read this message, feel glad! It supplies all new major news you need to know - for either version of Tactical Ops.

Tactical Ops 2.20 recovery done!

You are now able to setup, play and maintain your own TO 2.20 Server again.
Binaries and information can be found on
At the moment we still work on a full-blown Serverpackage for TO 2.20 with all goodness that it supports.
Atleast we already have 2 Servers active for you to test and setup your TO 2.2 client - check em out!

Tactical Ops 3.4 & 3.5

The latest fixpack for TO contains all new Engine goodness that was released last year (469c-Release).
Depending on the Server, Client and Internet quality, you should be able to reach full 300 FPS
without any issues. However it is recommended to set FPS to 200 to reduce framedrop during
calculation intense scenes.
More info about the FixPack aswell as updates can be found on the website.


We are not the original Maintenance & Developer crew! We don't offer any support for this product.
But we will be able to stand by with questions you have and might be able to help with issues.
We are not responsible for any of the servers around nor do we restrict access to any server.
If you have been banned or blocked from a server you need to get in contact with its admins.
Except for our own discord contents we are not responsible for the content or links you find elsewhere.