Map Fixing Project

All map downloads from the TO Archive collection are fixed and repacked to only include all required custom packages for TO3.4 & TO3.5.

No longer will installing a custom map have the risk breaking your TO client/server, mess up other maps, or have files missing.

Every map goes trough a manual check for package problems before it's added. Mixing map files from other sources is not recommended.

Why are all maps repacked?
• Fixed incompatibility of old UT Mod maps on retail TO
• Fixed bad files overwriting official game files and messing up your client/server
• No more file mismatches by using one master package collection
• Fixed different file versions and different filetypes with same name
• Fixed incomplete/broken/corrupt map downloads
• Fixed spaces and http redirect incompatible characters in filenames

Whenever possible the original readme files are preserved and placed in folder "/Readme/Mapname/" to prevent clutter.

Installing Custom Maps

It's still recommended to use a separate install to install custom maps to avoid any file mismatch errors when joining multiplayer servers.

To install them drop a map download in your TO folder, click "Extract here" and the map is installed with all files in the required folders.

Manual Map Installation:
.u, .ini and .int files -> TO-Version/System
.unr files -> TO-Version/Maps
.utx files -> TO-Version/Textures
.uax files -> TO-Version/Sounds
.umx files-> TO-Version/Music

Maps For Other TO versions

In theory most maps can work on older TO Mod versions, however some problems you might encounter:
• SWAT and early TO mods requires SW-* map name prefix
• Map requiring classes/files from an "original" package different than particular mod version has
• Map downloads not including original "retail" TO:AoT files a map might require

It could be your best choice to download the original versions that are preserved on the Unreal Archive.

No maps have been preserved for TO:C. There is only this list of filenames that could not be found anywhere.