The Map Collection

All maps from the Tactical Ops Archive map collection are repacked with all required packages included to work on TO3.4 and TO3.5.

Many maps have been fixed and packages have been modified to make all maps work from one package collection.

Gone are the days of installing a map and either nuking your TO install/server or making other maps broken, you can extract and overwrite any file without problems.

It's not recommended to mix maps downloaded from other sources, as overwriting files can make maps unplayable and give errors.

Why are all maps repacked?
• Fixed incompatibility of old SWAT and TO Mod maps (With great help of "Sp1r1tSuxor")
• Fixed incomplete/broken map downloads
• Fixed file mismatch errors
• Fixed bad files overwriting official files and messing up your game/server
• Fixed different file versions and different filetypes with same name
• Fixed spaces and http redirect incompatible characters in filenames

Whenever possible the original readme files are preserved and placed in folder "/Readme/Mapname/" to prevent clutter.

Installing Custom Maps

It's recommended to use a separate install when installing custom maps to avoid file mismatch errors when joining multiplayer servers.

When installing large amounts of custom maps (1000+) it can take anywhere from 30 to 60+ seconds to open the practice session window, it gets worse the more maps you add.

To install them simply drop a map download in your TO folder, click "Extract here" and the map is installed with all files in the required folders.

Manual Map Installation:
.u, .ini and .int files -> TO-Version/System
.unr files -> TO-Version/Maps
.utx files -> TO-Version/Textures
.uax files -> TO-Version/Sounds
.umx files-> TO-Version/Music

Maps For Other TO versions

In theory most maps can work on older TO Mod versions, however some problems you might encounter:
• SWAT and early TO mods requires SW-* map name prefix
• Map downloads not including original "retail" TO:AoT files a map could require
• Map requiring files from a "original" package different than particular mod version has

It could be your best choice to download some of the original versions that are preserved on the Unreal Archive.

No maps have been preserved for TO:C. There is only this list of filenames that could not be found anywhere.