Tactical Ops TV - YouTube channel started in 2015 to keep TO:AoT alive with multiple uploaders.

333 Networks - Server list and master server, displays all servers that uplink to the master server.

UT Files - File Archive with Unreal Tournament files.

Unreal Archive - File Archive with Unreal and Unreal Tournament files.

Unreal Admin - Site with information related to Unreal, UT99 and Tactical Ops server configuration and settings.

Old Unreal - Site dedicated to the old Unreal and Return to Napali expansion. - The biggest and most active Unreal Tournament 99 community. - Community site dedicated to the TO2.2 mod for UT99.

YGH - Your Gaming Hosts Admin Hub.

TO4 - TO4 Tactical Operations built on Unreal Engine 4 that is "Early Access" on Steam.


TO Players Facebook - Former TO Players Facebook.

TO:AoT Facebook - TO:AoT community Facebook.

Miau Server Facebook - Facebook page from the Miau servers.


TO:AoT Discord - TO:AoT Community Discord Server.

TO 3.4 Discord - TOST4500 Mix War Community.

TO Support Discord - TO:AoT Dev & Suppport Discord.


TO:AoT Reddit - New Tactical Ops reddit.


UT v469 Github - UT99 v469 Patch releases.

-(V)(V)- Github - TO Quick Join releases.

tragio Github - TO Launcher Releases.

[Δ]ʀᴄʜɪ/InSource Github - JS OBS Overlay.

TacticalOps Linux - TO:AoT for Linux.

Old TO Sites

ESE Protect - Official site from the ESE Anti Cheat for TO3.5. Downloads, documentations, forum for support etc.

Die Spielwiese - Site from the old Spielwiese server.

Tactical Square - Archive of the Tactical Square site.

TOSP - The old site from the Tactical Ops Singleplayer Mod.

AIM-IT - Old AIM-IT mapping team Site.

Zlodey's Site - Old page from Zlodey with some downloads.

Old Sites On

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TO:Crossfire UT2004

.sG` (STO Gaming)

Official TO Site

Team Bielefield

TO Server



TO World

TO City

TO Scene

TO Center


TO Jolt


Nato Ladder