TOST Commands

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TOST Commands List

Here is a list of some useful client-side TOST commands which can be used on servers runnig TOST. However, this is not a list of all available commands. We just listed some commands which you may find helpful and convenient to use.

All commands have to be typed into the console (by hitting the keys "~" or "tab"). Commands can also be binded in the user.ini. All commands are bold, a brief explanation of each command is given below.

The crosshair and laserdots turn blue.

Message to yourself only (useful for buy scripts) - can also execute macros. Example: "echo Bought #w" --> "(echo)Bought Glock23". This message can only be seen by the one who executes this command.

Echos the next map in cycle (eg. "getnextmap" --> To-RapidWaters).

Logs the IP of the server you're on into console - now you can tell people in voice communication the server you're on without getting killed cause you don't lose any time now.

ignore 'PID'
Any text being said by the player with the PID will be ignored.

ignoresound 'PID'
Sound being played by the player with the PID will be ignored. Additional parameters (instead of PID): '-2' - ignore all '-3' ignore no one.

Only makes sense in a keybind. For example x= quickconsole votemap - when you press X, the so-called quick-console will pop up, where you only have to type in the name of the map, not the whole command (votemap). There are a lot of things you can use the quick-console with.

Cycles through the Team Info Hud Extension Modes. Yellow (green) is the number of hossies on the map, red and blue represent the teams. When Terror and SF turn dark, the number of connected players per team is shown. There are three Modes: Off, Old-School (on the left of the screen with plain text & no turning dark) and in the lower right corner.

If the serveradmin has enabled Mapvote, you can vote for a map, and if a certain amount of people votes for the same map, the server will switch to that map - after map end. Hint: A rightclick lets you browse the Maps much faster!

Cycles through 6 Weapons HUD extensions modes (Off, TOStyle, TOStyle-big, OldSchool, Textbased - upper lefthand corner, Textbased - crosshair).

Committing suicide. Helpful only if you have fallen into a hole, got stuck in a bug etc. and can't move anymore.

Shows the current time and date for about 5 seconds in the HUD.

whisper 'PID' 'message'
Example: whisper 9 I wuv u <-- The Player with the PID 9 will get a message by you "I wuv u" - no other people will see it!

PID= Player ID, PID is shown on scoreboard behind the player's name in the "id" column.

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