Renderers & Frame Limit

Most of this guide is outdated and pre-v469 patch, its not 100% accurate.

Tactical Ops Multiplayer Servers require that you have the a "validated'' OpenGL Renderer and that you have the correct version installed. Multiplayer servers check if you have the proper version and if not they will kick you out of the game send you back to the main menu.

For Tactical Ops: AoT v3.4 the best version is OpenGL Renderer v3.5, it is the newest version that allows to play on "old" servers and servers running latest ACE. This updated OpenGL renderer is made by Chris Donal (

For Tactical Ops:AoT v3.5 Non-ESE Servers its best to use the default OpenGL Renderer that comes in the v3.5 Community Patch. You can use OpenGL Renderer v3.5 but you can get kicked by some servers that run old outdated TOST versions. (Example v4.3.6.9)

When Playing on Tactical Ops:AoT v3.5 ESE Servers its expected that you use the ESE OpenGL Renderer.

How To Install Renderer Files

Place the files into the /System/ folder of your TO installation.
When overwriting the default one you will get a notification to overwrite the older one.

How To Change Renderer

Go to the ingame Video options menu and press the Change Renderers button. The game will minimize and a the setup window opens allowing you to choose from all renderers you have currently installed.

The FPS / Frame Limit

v469 TO

The v469 Fixed Pack is set up to use the global FrameRateLimit setting in the [WinDrv.WindowsClient] section. Change it by using the new fps console command, for example to limit to 144fps type in console: fps 144

The default is set to 300, the max you should set is calculated by "Server Netspeed/64 = Max FPS". (312 on 20000 and 390 on 25000 NetSpeed)

Regular v436 TO

On default settings allot of Tactical Ops (-Renderers) runs way too fast on modern systems. The game runs on the UT99 Engine and back then they didnt expect the game to run anywhere from 500 to 3000 frames per second. The engine isnt designed to handle it and starts to fast forward the ingame time and speed, based on the number of fps that are rendered.

This speeding up and slowing down effect is only there when playing a Practice Session with Bots. When you play Online Multiplayer without FPS limit the player movement feels awkward, trying to accelerate but being hold back by the server basicly forcing him to move at regular speed. Also the weapons still shoot the same fire rate, but the big downside is that you generate extra footstep sounds that only you yourself can hear.

This is a big disadvantage because you know have more sound to filter out hearing other people footsteps. So its highly recommended to limit the fps / frame limit to stop the game from accelerating. The inconsistent FPS also has negative influence on the game mouse tracking.

Another side effect is that above a certain fps between 150 and 160 some small texture bugs might happen, this first starts with things like the UT99 style dynamicly updated scoreboards you see in maps. On very high fps value's (for UT/TO) like 300+ other animated textures might behave strange, stop moving, or stop being animated etc.

Some recommended FrameRateLimit values are 120, 144, 180 up to the outer maximum of 200.

Servers with ACE will also limit the FrameRateLimit to 200.

Below are instructions on how to change the FrameRateLimit from the ingame Preferences Menu.

How To Set A FPS Limit

At the Main Menu of Tactical Ops go to Tools -> System Console

In the System Console type: Preferences

When you opened the Config Screen, select Rendering -> OpenGL Support -> and scroll down to FrameRateLimit