Install TO Mod Versions

Follow this guide to install an old official UT99 Trial Demo that after updating with the "NoDelta" patch can be used to play all mod versions.

Do not start the demo before installing step #2 the NoDelta Patch.

You can also choose to skip step #4, #5 and #6 and use the UT99 v469c Patch. (Make sure to select the OpenGL renderer and Raw Mouse Input on first startup.)

If any mod version is crashing on startup check out the bottom of this page for a fix.

1. Unreal Tournament Trial Demo

The official UT99 Trial Demo is an old demo from back in the day that would include the full game but only allows you to play for a certain time.

2. UT Patch v436 NoDelta

This official patch (also) updates the trial demo to a full UT99 installation. Make sure to not run the Demo before installing this patch as it breaks compatibility.

3. UT99 Bonus Packs

Update to add all 4 Bonus Packs included in the GOTY edition to the UT99 installation, as some SWAT/TO maps might require the files.

4. Update The OpenGL Renderer

Copy an updated OpenGL Renderer into the UT99 System folder.

5. Start UT And Close It

Start UT and make sure in the first startup screen to select the OpenGL Renderer.
Else you can also select it afterwards from inside the Video settings in the Preferences menu.

6. Set a FrameRateLimit

Change the FrameRateLimit= value in "UnrealTournament.ini" under section [OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice], keep it under 180-200. Good base value is 100 up to 144.

An alternative way is to use the ingame a console command: set OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice FrameRateLimit ###

Or change it from the ingame "Preferences" menu, read the bottom of the Renderers & FrameLimit guide for instructions.

7. Backup The UnrealTournament Folder

If you are installing multiple mod versions it is smart to make a backup/copy of "UnrealTournament" folder. This way you always have a clean base to install any particular version of the mods.

If you have made a backup of your UT folder you can run the Uninstaller of the UT99 Trial Demo.

8. Download Mod Verions

These mod downloads are original versions of their releases, only repacked into zip files instead of exe setups and umods.

So you will have to adjust all the graphic settings, mouse settings, renderer settings, set a FrameRateLimit in TacticalOps.ini etc...

SWAT Public Beta (38 MB)

TO Beta 1.2 (44 MB)

TO Beta 1.6 (58 MB)

TO Beta 2.0 - 2.1.6 (104 MB) (30 MB) (3 MB) (3 MB) (7 MB) (7 MB) (13 MB)

TO Beta 2.2.0 (112 MB)

TO:AoT 3.1.5 - 3.3.2 (202 MB) (16 MB)

Startup Crash Fix

The mod version came with a TacticalOps.ini that must be edited as it's using the old Software Renderer or Direct3D Renderer by default.

In section [Engine.Engine] make sure GameRenderDevice is set to the OpenGL Renderer: