Demo Manager

Guide to configuring Demo Manager and the commands you can use during demo playback.

The v469 version of the TO:AoT Fixed Pack has a built in Demo Manager, when installing it manually on "regular" TO make sure to set DemoRecordingDevice=udemo.uDemoDriver in TacticalOps.ini

The v469 Demo Manager will auto configure the correct demo path on first startup, if you move the game folder afterwards it must be corrected.

Configuring Demo Folder

Make sure the path in "udemo.ini" has backwards slashes and one on the end to your System folder


Its possible to use multiple folders for demos to keep things organized, but when recording they will always end up in the System folder.

Configuring Auto File Download

Unlike configuring a redirect link, this url should not have http:// infront of it and no ending forward slash.

Demo Playback Bugs

When playing back a demo it's best to set your FrameRateLimit (or in v469 "fps" console command) to the same as the demo was recorded in to prevent playback from going out of sync.

The "showteaminfo" and "showweaponinfo" hud from TOST doesn't show up when playing back a demo.

When playing back a TO3.5 demo that has been recorded with weapon set to Hidden you can't make it appear during playback. (Might have been changed in v469)

Command List

Tip: bind commands from the "set input" command or from the SuperTeam KeyBinder for quick access.

PAUSE KEY - This will pause the demo...

FIRE KEY (in 3rd person) - View next player.

StopDemo - Stops playback.

slomo x - Controls speed of playback. (e.g. slomo 0.5 sets speed to 50% of normal, slomo 2.0 sets to 200% of normal, slomo 1.0 is normal).
NOTE: I recommend using values >0.2 and <4.0

CurTime - Tells how long demo has been playing in DEMO TIME. (i.e. how many seconds in game since start of demo)

CurFrame - Tells what frame # the demo is currently reading from.

TotalTime - The total ammount of time the demo lasts (NOT REMAINING TIME) at speed 1.0 in seconds.

TotalFrames - The total ammount of frames the demo contains.

Spectate - Go into spectator mode. (as though 3rd person was checked)

Behindview 1/0 - toggle behindview! (I recommend you bind a key to this)

FirstPerson - Go into first person mode. (as though 3rd person was not checked). Does not work in server demos!

PlayBack x - Toggle playback mode mid-demo. 0=timebased, 1=framebased, 2=noframecap

SeekTo x - The ULTIMATE COMMAND. Seek to the demo at time x. (i.e. seekto 130 goes to the 2 minute, 10 second mark)

Viewself - View from the spectator in 3rd person mode.

ViewRecorder - view from the player who recorded the demo. (only client demos!)

FollowPlayer - View from the player you are currently looking at.

FindFlags - View from the flags in a CTF game.