ACE Commands

Here is a complete list of ACE client commands.

On some servers that are running the Nexgen + ACE Extension plugin most of these commands / settings can be accessed from inside Nexgen.

How to use ACE Commands
Type in console: mutate ace command

Example: mutate ace help or mutate ace sshot 10 acepw etc.

ACE Command List

Shows list of all ACE commands in console.

Shows details about the status of ACE and the version of the whitelist.

PlayerList 'ACE Adminpass (optional)'
Shows a list of players that are currently being checked by ACE.

SShot 'PlayerID' 'ACE Adminpass (optional)'
Attempts to create a screenshot of the specified player.

CrosshairScale 'Scale'
Overrides the default crosshair scale. If Scale is -1.0 or auto the crosshair will dynamically scale with your resolution. If it's set to a positive number the scale will be fixed.

Toggles the ACE soundfix.

Toggles ACE compatibility mode. Use this only if you're experiencing severe performance problems on ACE servers (not recommended!)

Toggles ACE high Performance mode. Improves stability of the framerate. Only for high end pcs.

SetDemoStatus 'Status'
Controls the demo status display. Type "mutate ace help demostatus" for an overview of supported options.

Toggle off the demo status display.

Shows an overview of your settings.

Shows information about the FileList on the server.

Shows information about the Server's ACE Settings.