Tactical Ops 2.5 AoT

This is an unfinished, still in "Preview" version download.

TO2.5 is an unofficial version of the TO2 mod made by ctStudio.

Its runs as a standalone game that should support TO3+ maps.

Comes with a custom main menu interface and has some gameplay changes.

It was meant to be installed as a patch on a TO3.1.9 install from the retail CD, but seems to function fine when installed on a TO340 folder from the TO Fixed Pack.

Note: There is currently no Server Browser as it was made for LAN use.

Installation and Starting

#1 - Take a fresh TO340 folder from the v469c Fixed Pack download.

#2 - Important: Remove the TacticalOps.ini and User.ini from TO340/System/

#3 - Copy all contents from the download into the TO340 folder.

#4 - Rename the TO340 folder to TO250 (Optional)

#5 - Start it from the new TO250/TacticalOps.exe file.

#6 - On first startup make sure to select the regular OpenGL Renderer and Raw Mouse Input.

This comes with its own .ini files which you might want to edit. (AF, Detail Textures, FPS Limit etc)