Mutator & Addon Files

Browse these files on Google Drive to preview the contents of files. Some of these files are version dependent and only work on specific versions.

AnnouncerF.rarAnnouncers1.52 MB
Server Sounds Collection.zipAnnouncers86.38 MB
UT2k3 Announcer.zipAnnouncers2.4 MB
UT2k4 Announcer.zipAnnouncers1.25 MB
Crosshairpack.zipCrosshairs37.9 KB
e4 Colored Crosshairs.zipCrosshairs1 KB
HoyHoy Crosshairs.zipCrosshairs4.54 KB
JTBL Crosshairs.zipCrosshairs249.15 KB
Proppa Crosshairs.zipCrosshairs5.93 KB
Q CrossHairs.zipCrosshairs6.07 KB
WillaDeluXe Crosshairs.zipCrosshairs2.5 KB
Demo Manager v3.2 Beta.zipDemo137.84 KB
Demo Manager v3.5.zipDemo257.33 KB
DemomanagerTO.rarDemo161.99 KB
DemomanagerUT.rarDemo162.63 KB
Demoviewer2 for UTDCv2.1.rarDemo118.6 KB
MovieUnreal2002.rarDemo868.95 KB
RypelCam v1.2.rarDemo1.23 MB
SuperTeam Key Binder v1.1.zipKeybinders78.94 KB
SuperTeam Key Binder v1.4.zipKeybinders61.55 KB
SuperTeam Key Binder v1.5.zipKeybinders66.73 KB
BDBMapVote304.zipMapvotes158.15 KB
BDBMapVote304+sources.zipMapvotes209.62 KB
Map Vote v1.1m.exeMapvotes196.94 KB
MapvoteLA12.zipMapvotes227.78 KB
MapvoteLA13.zipMapvotes234.31 KB
MapVoteLA13vv By rato.skt.rarMapvotes76.36 KB
MapVoteLAv2.zipMapvotes295.17 KB
MapVoteUL.zipMapvotes88.92 KB
MapVoteULv1_1.zipMapvotes150.61 KB
MapVoteULv1_2.zipMapvotes145.92 KB
MapVoteULv2_1 Decompiled.rarMapvotes61.44 KB
MapVoteULv2_1.zipMapvotes157.91 KB
MapVoteULv2_1NS.zipMapvotes139.11 KB
MapVoteULv2_2.zipMapvotes161.4 KB
MapVoteULv2_3.zipMapvotes148.97 KB
MapVoteULv2_4.zipMapvotes158.94 KB
MapVoteULv2.zipMapvotes505.64 KB
MapVoteX102a.zipMapvotes139.97 KB
TOMapVote v1.0.zipMapvotes73.35 KB
Alien_Cyborgs_Zombie_Mods.zipMonsters18.31 MB
ESE Monsters.zipMonsters2.28 MB
Monster Attack.zipMonsters391.12 KB
Monster Attack v2.zipMonsters2.93 MB
Monster Factory v6 v1.07b.zipMonsters700.11 KB
Monster Factory v6.zipMonsters6.29 KB
Monster Factory v7.zipMonsters7.55 KB
Monster Factory v8.zipMonsters11.94 KB
Monster Factory v9.zipMonsters14.53 KB
Monster Madness v303.zipMonsters156.87 KB
MonsterMash v12e.zipMonsters90.61 KB
Monsters Invasion.zipMonsters5.89 KB
Monsters.zipMonsters4.08 KB
MonsterSpawner.rarMonsters99.11 KB
PsY MonsterAttack V1.1.zipMonsters14.2 KB
PsY MonsterAttack V2.zipMonsters19.56 KB
STORM MonsterFactory.zipMonsters6.49 KB
TO3.4 Monster Pack.zipMonsters3.5 MB
TOMonstersV2.zipMonsters5 KB
[ASC] ATH Server Controller v7.60.zipMutators564.62 KB
AKcoop.zipMutators638.85 KB
Anti Camper.zipMutators3.15 KB
Arcade Deaths.zipMutators4.65 KB
Arena v2 RC2 v2.0b_RC2a.zipMutators36.04 KB
Arena v2 RC2.zipMutators36.65 KB
Arena.zipMutators36.04 KB
Auto Make Teams v3.zipMutators2.53 KB
Auto Pause.zipMutators75.65 KB
BloodLust.zipMutators2.39 KB
Boom Death.zipMutators2.69 KB
BotUnBalancer v1.0b.rarMutators6.44 KB
BotUnBalancer v2.zipMutators2.64 KB
BotUnBalancer.zipMutators5.8 KB
Bullet Time v3.0.zipMutators307.2 KB
Bullet Time.zipMutators2.73 KB
CC Spawn Protector v1.1.zipMutators9.78 KB
CDR v1.0.zipMutators1.87 KB
Coil Jump.zipMutators14.64 KB
Damage.zipMutators4.37 KB
Death Lottery.zipMutators2.38 KB
Destruction Mode.zipMutators1.79 KB
Disintegration.zipMutators8.77 KB
Double Jump.zipMutators11.79 KB
Earth Quake.zipMutators3.73 KB
Eavy Darkmatch III.zipMutators8.32 KB
ESE CTF v1.1.0.0.zipMutators2.94 MB
ESG No 16bits.zipMutators3.57 KB
Fatboy.zipMutators1.56 KB
Feign Death.rarMutators318.52 KB
Fireworks.zipMutators19.43 KB
FoD Sound Mutator v11.rarMutators2.08 MB
Frag Or Die.zipMutators1.78 KB
Gametype Mutator Pack.zipMutators11.8 MB
Ghost Boy.zipMutators1.95 KB
Gnut Gore.zipMutators4.38 KB
Hamutaro v1.0.rarMutators54.95 KB
Heartbeat.zipMutators3.6 KB
Hit Sounds.zipMutators2.26 KB
Hitparade v1.zipMutators106.92 KB
Hostage Killer.zipMutators1.99 KB
HPScores v1.1.rarMutators5.48 KB
Ice.zipMutators1.36 KB
IVfluids FatBoy.zipMutators1.37 KB
Just4Fun.rarMutators24.58 KB
Kick Idle Players v2.0.zipMutators5.96 KB
KickASS Mutator.zipMutators14.85 KB
Kill2Heal4.zipMutators20.2 KB
Lag Monitor v1.0.zipMutators9.16 KB
LagDetector.rarMutators3.71 KB
Low Gravity.zipMutators1.38 KB
MegaGib v1.0b.rarMutators4.3 KB
Metals Mutators.zipMutators59.76 KB
Midnight Assault.zipMutators47.43 KB
MODOS Utils v2.2.rarMutators21.32 KB
MODOS Utils v3.0.zipMutators24.16 KB
Money Ever.zipMutators1.76 KB
Money Tool v0.2.rarMutators1.79 KB
More Gore.rarMutators116.32 KB
Movement Locator.zipMutators58.57 KB
Mutator Pack.zipMutators477.15 KB
Neo_b AntiBugTest v3.zipMutators10.78 KB
Neo_b Names.zipMutators1.83 KB
Neo_b Sentries v1.zipMutators224.27 KB
Neo_b Sentry v1.zipMutators213.47 KB
Neo_b Sentry v2.zipMutators212.69 KB
NickKicker.zipMutators7.65 KB
NickNameBan110_v2.zipMutators49.09 KB
No Team Change.rarMutators1.35 KB
NoBullShitPlus v1.09.rarMutators56.09 KB
nSmiley For All.zipMutators87.38 KB
OAP Fun Mutator v0953.zipMutators21.67 KB
OAP Fun Mutator v104.zipMutators27.7 KB
OAP Fun Mutator.rarMutators18.01 KB
Paintball.zipMutators87.66 KB
PassManager.rarMutators3.35 KB
PassRevert.rarMutators1.46 KB
Pingcheck v1.0.rarMutators3.27 KB
Poltergeist.zipMutators313.41 KB
Psy Bonus v2.zipMutators2.61 KB
Psy Bonus.rarMutators2.77 KB
Radar.zipMutators11.1 KB
Revenge v2.zipMutators24.63 KB
Revenge v3.zipMutators23.88 KB
RuneZ.zipMutators19.42 KB
Semi Admin.zipMutators168.12 KB
Server Adds v1.04.zipMutators8.34 KB
ServerDog v0.96.zipMutators35.07 KB
sG Connection Check.zipMutators9.92 KB
sG Sheduler.zipMutators3.15 KB
sG_Bet.zipMutators6.14 KB
Shared Life.zipMutators108.94 KB
Simple Unreal Songplayer R4.zipMutators13.18 KB
Smack Down.zipMutators238.01 KB
Smiley For All.rarMutators175.48 KB
SoundsMenu.zipMutators2.42 KB
Spielwiese Sounds v2.zipMutators1.88 MB
Starry Hits.zipMutators3.96 KB
Tactical Ops UT Mods.zipMutators343.52 KB
Team Beacon 2k4.zipMutators13.43 KB
TechsNoDodge.rarMutators2.81 KB
ThunderFoH Soundmod.rarMutators1.78 MB
Thwap.zipMutators24.78 KB
TO-Mutator-PackV2.zipMutators26 MB
TO2.2 Mutator Pack.7zMutators10.36 MB
TOGrappleHook.zipMutators236.28 KB
TOHeartbeat.zipMutators3.6 KB
TOMoneyTool.zipMutators2.02 KB
TOThwap.zipMutators25.2 KB
TWT Zombies Beta1.rarMutators1.41 MB
UFO_Client.zipMutators25.31 KB
Ultra Effects.zipMutators3.63 KB
Unlag Old.zipMutators54.69 KB
UnLag v1.3.rarMutators4.14 KB
UWar.zipMutators103.92 KB
Vampire.zipMutators5.78 KB
VS All.zipMutators3.05 KB
WAMapBug v0.4.zipMutators6.9 KB
XCurse v2.2.rarMutators10.41 KB
XLowGrav.rarMutators1.21 KB
XMas Lights.zipMutators1.41 KB
ZombiePlague.zipMutators2.4 MB
Zombies5 v1.0.zipMutators8.65 MB
ESE XMAS Skins.rarSkins995.68 KB
Extra Skins v2.0 Beta.rarSkins1.28 MB
Extra Skins.zipSkins1.32 MB
Lit Players.zipSkins1.47 KB
MeRC Skins.zipSkins1.39 MB
Task Force Delta Player Skins Beta v1.0.rarSkins563.18 KB
XMas Skins.zipSkins574.05 KB
Yakuza Mutate.zipSkins2.36 KB
CSGOWeaponSounds-v0.1.zipSound Packs881.53 KB
Hostage Voice Soundpack.zipSound Packs234.39 KB
Spetznaz Soundpack (TO220).zipSound Packs791.04 KB
Spetznaz Soundpack (TO332).rarSound Packs1.14 MB
Spetznaz Soundpack (TO340).zipSound Packs812.55 KB
Spetznaz Soundpack (TO350).rarSound Packs6.18 MB
TO Singleplayer Documentation.zipSP1.78 MB
TO Singleplayer v1.0 (TO332).zipSP1.23 MB
TO Singleplayer v1.1b (TO340).zipSP1.23 MB
TO Singleplayer v1.2 (TO350).zipSP940.24 KB
TO Singleplayer v1.2b (TO350).zipSP1.26 MB
AOTWeaponPack v1.0RC1.rarWeapons1.37 MB
AOTWeaponPack v2.0b.rarWeapons1.4 MB
AOTWeaponPack v2.20b.zipWeapons1.42 MB
AZG-WeaponBalancer.zipWeapons2.19 KB
DE MSG Only v1.1.rarWeapons6.04 KB
DE Only v2.zipWeapons7.22 KB
GFNoM4M203-M60.zipWeapons777 Bytes
Grapple Hook.zipWeapons236.28 KB
GZ-Matrixx WeaponsRemove.zipWeapons1.37 KB
InSaNeWeapons.rarWeapons24.64 KB
LDArmorizer.zipWeapons2.41 KB
M60 Balancing Lite v2.zipWeapons3.45 KB
M60 balancing v4.rarWeapons371.34 KB
MSGOnly v2.zipWeapons6.14 KB
No Nade Spam.zipWeapons1.87 KB
No Weapon.rarWeapons1.29 KB
No_M60_M4_PH_Smoke.zipWeapons833 Bytes
NoLamerWeapons.zipWeapons759 Bytes
NoM60M4.rarWeapons1.33 KB
NoSmoke.zipWeapons701 Bytes
PsY DEonly.zipWeapons7.31 KB
Teargas v2.zipWeapons277.06 KB
Teargas v3.zipWeapons390.16 KB
TO22Weapons Beta5.zipWeapons7.71 MB
TO22Weapons.zipWeapons1.36 MB
TO3.15WaffenNamenResetter.rarWeapons27.19 KB
Unlimited Ammo.zipWeapons1.91 KB
Weapon Restricter v1.3.zipWeapons8.08 KB