Client & Patch Files

Browse these files on Google Drive to preview the contents of files. To install TO try the TO:AoT Fixed Pack.

TO-Fixed-Pack-v469c.7zFixed Pack337.75 MB
TO-Fixed-Pack-v469c.zipFixed Pack711.05 MB
TO-Fixed-Pack.7zFixed Pack329.17 MB
TO-Fixed-Pack.zipFixed Pack692.57 MB
TOFP-CustomPack-v2.zipFixed Pack263.24 MB
TOFP-LinuxFiles-x64-v6.zipFixed Pack21.01 MB
TOFP-LinuxFiles-x86-v6.zipFixed Pack21.47 MB
TOFP-ServerPatch-v27.zipFixed Pack36.76 MB
TOFP-TO220Client-v1.zipFixed Pack440.1 MB
TO-History-Pack.7zMod Pack633.53 MB
TO220Compat.zipMod6.36 KB
Tactical Ops Mod v1.2.zipMod44.12 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v1.6.zipMod58.16 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v2.0.zipMod103.61 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v2.1.0 Patch.zipMod29.82 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v2.1.1 RC1 Patch.zipMod2.6 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v2.1.1 RC3 Patch.zipMod2.61 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v2.1.4 Patch.zipMod6.95 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v2.1.5 Patch.zipMod6.95 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v2.1.6 Patch.zipMod13.29 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v2.2.0 Installer.zipMod112.97 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v2.2.0.zipMod112.28 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v3.1.5 (2nd Edition) Installer.zipMod204.54 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v3.1.5 (2nd Edition).zipMod202.38 MB
Tactical Ops Mod v3.3.2 Patch.zipMod15.89 MB
SWAT Mod Beta.zipSWAT38.07 MB
TO3x0Compat.zipTO:AoT5.26 KB
Tactical Ops AoT v3.1.0 CD Setup.isoTO:AoT617.99 MB
Tactical Ops AoT v3.1.9 CD Setup.7zTO:AoT343.85 MB
Tactical Ops AoT v3.1.9 CD Setup.isoTO:AoT622.82 MB
Tactical Ops AoT v3.3.2 Patch.zipTO:AoT16.93 MB
Tactical Ops AoT v3.4.0 Patch.zipTO:AoT95.31 MB
Tactical Ops AoT v3.5.0 Patch.zipTO:AoT86.89 MB
TOC-Pack-v197.7zTO:C2.32 GB
TO Crossfire Server v1.96.zipTO:C1.23 GB
TO Crossfire v1.0 Beta.zipTO:C599.74 MB
TO Crossfire v1.2 Beta Update.zipTO:C127.5 MB
TO Crossfire v1.5 Update.zipTO:C185.18 MB
TO Crossfire v1.6 Update.zipTO:C94.17 MB
TO Crossfire v1.6.zipTO:C697.8 MB
TO Crossfire v1.7 Update.zipTO:C186.81 MB
TO Crossfire v1.91.zipTO:C905.17 MB
TO Crossfire v1.92 Update.zipTO:C75.35 MB
TO Crossfire v1.93 Update.zipTO:C68.76 MB
TO Crossfire v1.95.zipTO:C1.16 GB
TO Crossfire v1.95a.zipTO:C1.18 GB
TO Crossfire v1.95b Update.zipTO:C36.3 MB
TO Crossfire v1.96.zipTO:C1.2 GB
TO Crossfire v1.97 Update.zipTO:C475.24 KB
Unreal Tournament Demo.zipUT99341.04 MB
UT99 v469c Repack.7zUT99280.68 MB
UT Patch v436 NoDelta.zipUT9932.12 MB
UTBonusPacks1-4.zipUT9934.14 MB