Welcome to the Tactical Ops File Archive with all preserved Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror files. You can find everything here: custom maps, game installers, patches, mutators, keybinders, soundpacks, anticheat/server files and more.

To install Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror try the TO:AOT 3.4 + 3.5 Fixed Pack. It's an easy download, extract and play package for Windows so you can play online multiplayer by only having to configure a minimal amount of settings.

Before installing custom maps please read the Custom Maps Info page.

To extract all filetypes you might download (7z, zip and rar) try 7-Zip.

This file archive, the public redirect and the servers are all maintained by jo0Oey aka joeycracknl. To show some support subscribe to the Tactical Ops TV YouTube.

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Site Updates

  • Converted the old site to a Joomla CMS for better search engine ranking while keeping the old Map Gallery & List.
  • Potential plans for the future is to add file descriptions to certain files and maybe finish the last 500 map screenshots.
  • After starting on tacticalops.tk, then moved to to-files.nl, then back to tacticalops.tk the site arived on Tactical-Ops.eu
  • Why .eu? Because it was cheap and all other tacticalops and tactical-ops domains are taken.  

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