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Welcome to the Tactical Ops File Archive with all Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror files. You can find everything here: custom maps, game installers, patches, mutators, keybinders, soundpacks, anticheat/server files and more.

This site/project started in 2015 to preserve all files and make all custom maps playable from one package collection, making an end to sharing incomplete and incompatible map downloads.

To install Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror try the TO:AOT 3.4 + 3.5 Fixed Pack. It's an easy download, extract and play package for Windows so you can play online multiplayer by only having to configure a minimal amount of settings.

To extract all filetypes you might download (7z, zip and rar) try 7-Zip.

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Latest Video: Tactical Ops Throwback: Knifed Funmovie (2005)

New Throwback Videos

Thanks to "Final_Breath aka Gustl.cl" allot of oldschool videos are being uploaded to the Tactical Ops TV YouTube.

View them from the Throwback Playlist, a collection of old videos from back in the day, preserving a bit of TO history.

v469 Fixed Pack Updated

The TO:AOT v469 Fixed Pack is updated with the recently released UT99 v469b patch.
Main reasons to test v469 compared to regular TO (v436) is Raw Mouse Input and supposedly higher max fps without bugs.

Master Server Fix for TO3.5 Servers

Lucky Dog fixed TO3.5 servers not being able to validate to some master servers. This should fix the server not showing up on the Server List, thanks to this the "Slow" list is removed.
Download: LDSTMaster v0.3r.zip

New TOSTFun version for TO3.4 Servers

LuckyDog released an updated TOSTFun v1.3.0.0 package with new versions of the FunPiece and Announcer for TO3.4 servers - TOST Fun v1.3.0.0.zip

  • Custom Headshot sounds
  • Headshot Message localized
  • Custom suicide messages
  • Bugfix Headshot height (announcements)
  • Bugfix double announcements
  • Bugfix default announcer
Updated the TO:AOT Fixed Pack

Some small changes applied to both the normal Fixed Pack and the v469a Test Pack:

  • Changed default name from "Player" to "NewPlayer" (Prevent kick on TO3.5 servers)
  • Updated the OpenGL on TO3.5 from the original in TO3.5 patch to "OpenGL Renderer v3.5" (TO3.4 used it, now TO3.5 too since no more servers with TOST v4.3 online)
  • Disabled the "Show Widescreen" setting that applied useless black bars to top and bottom of screen when dead or spectating
  • Added "TOSTUser.ini" to enable "showweaponinfo" and "showteaminfo" by default (Not all players aware of existence)
  • Added "MapVoteULv2_4_Client.ini" to give the mapvote used by some servers a more blue TO theme by default

Currently the audio renderers are buggy on v469a but the plus side is the Raw Input mouse setting and 200+ fps on ACE v1.2e servers.

Tactical Ops Tournament Rankings

Check out the recently released Player Rank List from all the cups and tournaments Daya and Lumi have organized since 2016.

Updated Guides & Info

The Mouse Tracking & Input guide is updated with all known TO "placebo" mouse fixes and a new guide is added: FOV & Aspect Ratio.

TO Winter Cup 2020 Final Video

Live stream recording of the Winter Cup Final on TO-IcyBreeze, streamed by *LuNa*.jLc

Tactical Ops Winter Cup 2020 Final

TO Community Discord

Discord Invite Link - Main Discord channel of the Tactical Ops community, great place to talk about TO or to ask for help when having problems with the game.

It's also where the Mix Wars played in non-public servers are organized.

TO Wars Website

Check out the TO Wars website featuring clanwars, ladders and tournaments. Currrently the website is still under development.

File Updates
  • TO-Trooper2xLift (Updated)
    Download - Screenshot
  • TO-Route66
    Download - Screenshot
  • TO-Hill
    Download - Screenshot
  • TO-DustBowlXL (Updated)
    Download - Screenshot
  • TO-NoDrought
    Download - Screenshot
  • TO-KnifeTournament
    Download - Screenshot
  • TO-RapidNoWaters
    Download - Screenshot
  • TO-[C]rash_1vs1_Pr1sonB4s3
    Download - Screenshot
  • TO-Ligatio (Updated)
    Download - Screenshot
  • TO-RIP (Updated)
    Download - Screenshot
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