Welcome to the Tactical Ops Archive, the site dedicated to preserve all TO files.

The mission was to preserve all files, but after realizing how broken, incomplete and incompatible all maps downloads were action had to be taken.

So a side mission was started to sort/repair/repack all maps to work from one package collection making an end to sharing "bad" map downloads.

The TO Archive is made possible by:

jo0Oey#5231 - Started the file preserve & map fix project, this site and the youtube channel to share a fixed TO3.4+3.5 download after GameSpy's shutdown.

SpiritSuxor#9084 - Converted and fixed many of the old incompatible maps made for UT99 Mod versions to work on retail TO versions.

Nezz#5936 - Hosts and admins the TOeu public 3.4 server since august 2021.

L4UR3NS#1337 - Hosts the public redirect since february 2022.

And many others, there is a big list at the bottom of the About page.

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TO Community Discord

The TO Community Discord is the place where all TO players hang out, discuss TO and arrange mix wars.

Download Tactical Ops

TO:AoT v3.4 + v3.5 Fixed Pack

The retail release of Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror still has the biggest playerbase to this day. This pack includes full installations of both TO3.4 and TO3.5 with working multiplayer.

UT99 Mod Versions

Guide to install the UT99 Trial Demo and the official "NoDelta" patch. Links to all old mod versions are included: SW, TO1.6, TO2, TO2.2 and more.

TO:Crossfire v1.96

TO:C requires UT2004 installed, the multiplayer has died and no servers are online. Since the official site is offline it has an update message on startup only closable by typing "reconnnect" in the console.

TO4: Tactical Operations

TO4: Tactical Operations is a spiritual successor built on Unreal Engine 4 and is released on steam, it's definitely worth to take a look at.